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Is Jesus Christ For Real?IS JESUS CHRIST FOR REAL?

Jesus Christ has had a greater impact on human civilisation than anyone else in history.

In a language everyone can understand, George shows that Jesus was an actual historical figure who continues to change lives today. There’s plenty of evidence.

A great book for reaching out to those who have doubts or are on the fringes of Christianity.

62pp RRP $11.95


Where are we heading as a nation?

What sort of people will we be?

What values will we hold?

How will we live?

What will happen to communications, farming

education, health…?


“Fascinating” “Stimulating” “Thought-provoking”



168pp RRP $26.95




In this eminently readable book, George Bryant examines what our lives might be like in 2050. What will it mean to be Kiwi? What sort of people will we be? How will work and play change?

The book includes chapters on the environment, farming, health, religion, crime and punishment and new technology. George also looks at the rich/poor divide, the future of education, political correctness and democracy. He aims to ‘encourage readers to think about where we are going as a country.’

NZ 2050 is a fascinating and thought-provoking read. George has carefully researched history and current trends in presenting information in each chapter. At the end of the book, George examines the differences between an optimistic and pessimistic view of the world, and I agree when George says that ‘as human beings we owe to one another to do the best we can.’

Of course, any number of world events could change George’s considered forecasts in each area, but it is inevitable that in 2050 life will be different from now. So, this book prompts us all to consider what sort of society we want to live in the future.

George is one of New Zealand’s foremost writers on people in society, based on his experiences as a teacher, preacher, public speaker, politician and social worker. NZ 2050 is a well-researched gem of a book that will stimulate debate and encourage us to think about the future for us all.


Reviewer: Karen McMillan



This 36-page booklet has been written for those who write from a Christian world view.
It discusses the need to reach out to the wider community through writing, to be ‘salt and light’ to the world. The power of one can have a big influence.
Write with a mission. Eleven suggestions for action.

If you are a Christian author contact George for a FREE copy.

Otherwise, it retails for $5.


LIFE IS… An ordinary Kiwi reflects

by George Bryant

What’s life on Earth really like? Who are we? Where are we going? What are our Idols? What’s the future hold? George reflects on a variety of issues vital to us all.

“Well written” − “Insightful” – “Thought-provoking” – “Sometimes provocative” – “Full of wisdom” – “Compassionate” – “Explores what it means to be human.”

204pp 12 sketches  RRP $27.95


by Joan Bryant

Autobiography: an account of Joan’s life journey.

Graduate of the University of Queensland, she has taught high school in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. She is a violinist, spiritual director and church elder in Tauranga. She lives with her husband George and has two children and two grandchildren.

RRP $26.95


Questions of life


What in the world are human beings doing on this unique planet?

$5 (20pp)

What is the meaning of life


Is there an overall, inherent meaning for our existence on Earth or do we just have to find our own?

$5 (24pp)

Where are we going


What is our future as human beings?

$5 (24pp)

Agents Of Change

Kiwis Making A Real Difference 

The stories of 15 inspirational Kiwis who are making a real difference to the way we live.

Some are making housing affordable and  offering comprehensive care services. Others are saving teenagers from addictions. A doctor and his wife are running a unique medical clinic.

Some stories portray people improving race relations, making workplaces safe, and helping transform low socio-economic areas.

What motivates these people to want to improve society? What sorts of people are they? The last chapter outlines the characteristics of change agents.

212 pages, 46 pictures

Published by DayStar Books, 2018
Retail Price: $28.95 plus $5 postage.

My Writing Journey

Hot Tips From The Files 

The personal story of how a student who hated writing essays became a prolific, successful author. A glimpse into George Bryant’s writing failures and successes, with 38 useful tips for potential writers.

46 pages, white offset, gloss cover

Published by Whau Publications, PO Box 7031, Maungatapu, Tauranga 3112
Retail Price: $10.00 plus $5 postage.

Not by Might

The Graham Preston Story 

The biography of the inspirational, visionary founder of Bethlehem College, Tauranga – the largest school of its kind in Australasia. Graham was also instrumental in establishing a number of other Christian schools.

234 pages, 25 pics, white offset, gloss cover

Published by DayStar Books, 2016
Retail Price: $26.99 plus $5 postage.

Marking a Real Difference

Making a Real Difference
Christian Movers and Shakers 

Christians have made a positive difference to our nation since its foundation.

Motivated by faith they have put a human face on the principle of ‘loving your neighbour’. They have protested against injustices and gone the extra mile.

This book outlines the profiles of a few of the thousands of Christians who are moving and shaking New Zealand today, including a judge, leading scientist, social worker, journalist, city councillors, doctor, educationist, racing driver, businessman, youth worker, prison reformer, city missioner, and navy commander.

Read about why and how they are making a real difference among the poor, with at-risk youth, in housing, the media, education, health, parenting, business… and across the community.

As a country we are much the richer because of them.

What some have said about MAKING A REAL DIFFERENCE

  • “Essential reading for anyone interested in social change in New Zealand…You won’t be able to put it down.” (Rev Jim Wallace, Tauranga)
  • “A must-read for anyone who wants to know what the Christian life looks like.” (Duncan Pardon, former editor of The Baptist and publisher off the Pohutukawa Coast Times)
  • “Very inspiring and encouraging. Brilliant.” (Ruth Boswell, Auckland Wesleyan minister)

192 pages, 21 pics, white semi-gloss, gloss cover

Published by DayStar Books, 2015
Retail Price: $27.99 plus $5 postage.

Millennium 3

Unresolved Issues of Our Time 

Do you think there is too much political correctness?  What can we do about the widening gap between the rich and the poor? Why are so many families breaking up? What can we do about violence in our society? Are we racist? Are you worried about the rise of ‘big brother’ and the invasion of your privacy? Do the moral issues surrounding the latest experiments in baby-making concern you?

George probes these and other issues which plague NZ society, hurt so many people and cost the country billions of dollars. He comes up with some startling facts and results. He provides valuable insights and solutions, and outlines the need for a new kind of politics, and an urgent concentration on the ‘third dimension’ of human beings – their spirituality.

“As usual, his chatty writing style, occasional anecdotes and thorough research make for a thought-provoking but easy read.” (NZ Baptist)

“George tackles key social issues head on, and with vigour…He passionately and cogently spells out the problems and their negative impact on us, while backing up his opinions with evidence from research.  Millennium 3 is well-researched and packed with challenging facts that should cause its readers not only to think seriously about these current issues but also about doing something about them. As George says, “Even a tiny change for the benefit of others will make a difference for someone somewhere.

” The book will appeal to a wide range of readers.” (Janette Busch, author and editor)

212 pages, white offset, gloss cover

Published by DayStar Books, 2013
Retail Price: $27.99 plus $5 postage.

Way to Go

Way to Go
Living in a Broken World 

What is the way to go in the 21st century? How can we live better? How should we treat each other?

George examines the main sayings of the greatest teacher in the world about how to relate to one another. He examines what Jesus Christ really said about how we should live.

He concludes that if we were more radical in our thinking and behaviour our lives and those around us could be transformed.

This book is for everybody. It is very readable, eye-opening and challenging.

What Some Have Said About WAY TO GO

  • Bryant lays out teaching which can bring healing and transform lives and communities.” (Glyn Carpenter, National Director, Vision Network)
  • “An inspiring and immensely practical book which challenges us to hear afresh what the teaching of Jesus Christ means in the 21st century.” (Paul Trebilco, Professor of New Testament Studies, Otago University)
  • “This book makes a compelling argument for taking Christ’s teaching seriously, and is admirably clear and easy to read.” (Rodney Macann, NZ Baptist National Leader)
  • “The best book about how to live to come out of the NZ Church – and it’s written by a Kiwi!” (Rev Jim Wallace, Tauranga)

198 pages, white offset, gloss cover

Published by DayStar Books

Retail Price: 23.99

trial to triumph

Trial to Triumph
Inspiring Stories of Overcomers

What is it about the human spirit that enables people to overcome great personal disasters, and move on to help others?

How do you cope when you are born with cerebral palsy or spina bifida, or paralysed as the result of an accident or contract a terminal disease or go blind?

Here are stories of ordinary people who have struggled against the odds and not just survived but overcome. The book examines the ‘undaunted human spirit’ and what motivates people to triumph over their trials.

You will be inspired. You will identify in some way with the stories you read. You will find practical ways of dealing with life’s traumas. And you will wonder at the amazing resilience of the human spirit.

What Some Have Said About TRIAL TO TRIUMPH

  • “An uplifting and tremendously encouraging read.” (Garth George, NZ Herald columnist)
  • “An inspirational best. We are uplifted by the experience.” (Owen Brown, Hawke’s Bay Today)
  • “Very gripping reading. A good choice to give someone needing a more positive outlook on life.” (Ian McCleary, Challenge Weekly)
  • “A must read.” (Omega Writers, Australia)

232 pages, white offset, gloss cover

Published by DayStar Books, 2010

Retail Price: $27.95

NZ Without God

New Zealand Without God?

God is gradually disappearing from the New Zealand social scene in favour of secular, neo-pagan beliefs and practices. If we project present statistical trends Christianity will be only a small rump by the middle of the 21st century. Yet our society has been influenced considerably by Christian values throughout its history.

What would happen to our society if Christian values were wiped out? How would we live? Would secular atheism rule, or Buddhism or Islam or what?

George makes a plea for a renewed, better society based on a set of six core values, values with which all social groups could agree. They provide the key to developing a ‘good’ society. What we need is the collective will to implement them.

What Some Have Said About NZ Without God?

  • “A landmark book which asks the awkward questions we tend to shy away from.” (Bernard Moran, journalist)
  • “An insightful and unflinching examination – a challenge to all New Zealanders.” (Arts Centre, Christchurch)

Published by Whau Publications, PO Box 7031, Maungatapu, Tauranga 3112
Retail Price: $25

Transformed Lives

Transformed Lives: The Move of God That Shook the New Zealand Church – Bev Montgomery with George Bryant

First-hand accounts from people involved in the rise of the charismatic movement in NZ churches during the 1960s and 1970s.

Published by Castle Publishing. Available from Castle, PO 12577, Penrose, Auckland 1642
Price: $24.95

George Secrets

George – the secrets of an ordinary kiwi

The autobiography of an ordinary Kiwi who became a political leader, high school principal, city councillor, ordained minister, Justice of the Peace, prominent  Rotarian, author, publisher ….and more.

All who have read it have said it is ‘hard to put down’!

What Some Have Said About GEORGE

  • “A well-written recording…from humble beginnings to a life of achievement.” (Hon John Banks, former Minister of Police and Mayor of Auckland)
  • “An easy writing style takes the reader on a personal, entertaining and thought-provoking journey.” (Frank Leadley, former president of NZ Secondary Principals’ Association)
  • “A record of a life well lived…an inspiration.” (Peter McNee, CEO World Vision NZ)

216 pages, white offset, gloss cover

Published by DayStar Books, 2000

Now retails for $20.00

Heal the sick

 Heal The Sick

This 42-page booklet provides practical help on how to go about healing the sick, from a Christian perspective, stemming from George’s personal involvement in the ministry over recent years. He gives cases of actual healings and gems of wisdom. Some key questions are answered, such as: Why does God heal people today? Why are some people not healed? What do we actually do when we pray over someone? What about the terminally ill?

George has written further publications in the same series: Euthanasia (1997, to be updated); Signs, Spells and Spooks (Christians and the occult 1999); Is There Life After Death? (2000)

He was general editor for another15 booklets.

Published by AFFIRM Publications, 2005

Price: $9.95

Limited Numbers of the Following Titles are Available

  • Pathways of Hope (the story of World Vision, NZ) Dunmore Press, 1996
  • Fifteen Years of Progress at Whangarei Girls’ High School, Dunmore Press, 1994
  • Tourism:Towards a Policy for Whangarei, Whau Publications, 1989, 20pp
  • Birthright: a story of people who care, Dunmore Press, 1988
  • The Church on Trial, Whau Publications, 1986
  • Is Life Not Sacred Any More? (The morality of the new biology), Whau Publications, 1986, 40pp
  • The Sting in the Beehive (edited extracts from speeches made by Social Credit leaders over the decade 1972-82), Dunmore Press, 1982

The following titles are out of print but available through libraries.

  • Twelve Plus: Girls in School (the education of adolescent girls), Dunmore Press, 1990
  • Beetham (biography of Social Credit Leader), Dunmore Press, 1981
  • New Zealand 2001(a glimpse of NZ life 20 years ahead), Cassell,1981
  • Four New Zealand One-Act Plays (ed), Stockton House, 1978
  • The Pop Scene (Life/Language Series), Hodder and Stoughton, 1973, 16pp. George was a panel member for four other booklets.
  • You and Your Environment (ed), New Guardian Publishing Co., 1973, 28pp
  • The Widening Gap (poverty in NZ), Cassell, 1979


Other booklets

  • Why a Wesleyan Movement? (1998)
  • Right of Reply (1998)
  • Inclusiveness – a Christian Virtue? (1998)
  • Out of the Ashes (a school fire and its aftermath),1986
  • Two Sermons (Jesus – a Political Revolutionary? and The Morality of Debt and Usury) 1977
  • English in NZ (co-edited 20 volumes for English teachers) – Heinemann published 5 and Stockton House 15
  • Guide to English Books, Heinemann, 1974 and Stockton House, 1977

Numerous political pamphlets, editions of manifestos, articles for newspapers and magazines on a wide variety of topics, such as euthanasia, the Church, the economy, politics, culture, education.

Why Write?

I’ve always had an insatiable desire to help improve society. I write, and publish, to inspire – to enable readers to think about and clarify what’s happening to the world around them and their place in it, always attempting to provide suggestions for moving forward.  Disagree if you wish, but if only one person gains benefit from anything I write my spirit is content.