DayStar Books

In 2010 a new publishing concept was registered – DayStar Books Ltd. It followed the demise of the evangelical Christian magazine DayStar, which had been operating for eight years.

As the magazine’s last chairman I, unfortunately, had to oversee its transfer to Australia. I suggested to the magazine editor, Julie Belding, that we keep the name ‘DayStar’ and form a book publishing company. We had published a few books while running the magazine.

Our aims were:-

  • To publish wholesome books that inspired and gave hope, books that influenced people and society in a positive way.
  • To publish a broad range of titles, including biographies, books on social issues, lifestyles, Christian spirituality, justice, health and wellbeing, and selected fiction. To date 25 such books have reached the market.
  • To help authors with good manuscripts get their books ‘out there’, manuscripts which might otherwise never see the light of day.
  • To promote New Zealand authors.


  • The company is unique in that it is not-for-profit. The two co-founders have only a one-dollar share each in the company. We pay no salaries. Hence we are able to keep costs to a minimum. In effect, DayStar Books is a ministry, firstly to Christian writers and potential writers, and secondly to the New Zealand public.
  • Initially we published biographies, in the belief that people’s stories could help others. Over the years a broader range of genres developed.
  • Initially our publications were mainly for the Christian market. However, we gradually developed a style and format that aimed to reach the wider, general market as well, both strengthening the dedicated Christian and challenging the non-believer.

The DayStar Board now consists of Bernard Yeo (consultant and graphic artist), Julie Belding (editor), Jan Pendergrast (children’s author), Christel Jeffs (editor and proofreader), Jeanette Knudsen (author) and myself. Additionally we have a widespread team with various expertise which we call upon from time to time.

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